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Infographic Design Turning your complicated (and dare we say lacklustre) data into attractive, fun and engaging infographic designs

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for SEO based on 15 customer reviews.

Make sure your key data and messages have the desired impact on your target audience with our bespoke infographic design service

Collecting quality data is great for your business but how many people are going to read a boring, lengthy report? Infographics are great for presenting data in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. They’ll get your points across without sending people to sleep!

Stats About Data Infographic Baker Goodchild

Graphs like this one for Baker Goodchild provide an eye catching presentation method

Why add infographic design into your content marketing mix?

There’s little point in collecting data if you’re not going to present it effectively. Professional infographic design can benefit your business in a number of different ways:

Visually eye catching

Infographics are made up of attractive images, fonts and colours, which draw people’s attention to them and make them easy to digest. 

SEO and search

Create infographics that people share and link to, it’s great for SEO and your rankings.

Quick to consume

Reports can take ages to read but an infographic can be viewed and understood within a few seconds. Remember, busy people don’t have a lot of time.

Brand awareness

Keep your infographics consistent with your branding and it will help to improve awareness.

Highly shareable

Infographics are highly shareable pieces of content. They’re great for spreading the word about your business and driving traffic to your website.

Expert reputation

Build up a reputation as an expert in your niche with the help of great infographic designs.

We’re the #1 choice for infographic design

Whilst there are apps and tools that you can use to create your own infographic designs, nothing will beat a professional infographic which has been custom-illustrated and hand-crafted by one of our experienced infographic designers. Here’s why we’re the #1 choice:

1. You can leave everything to us

All we need to get started is a keyword, topic or headline and you can then hand the rest over to us with total confidence that you’ll get a great quality infographic.

2. We’ll do the research

We have experienced researchers and copywriters who specialise in a huge range of subjects and industries. Once we have your keyword or subject, leave it with us and we’ll do all of the research, data collection, copywriting and structure this into a well-written brief for your approval. We’ll also write 100% unique descriptions, blog posts and press releases to accompany your infographics. 

3. We’ll hand-craft a unique design

Our infographic designers will produce attractive, fun and engaging designs that make people want to read and share your infographic! Best of all, these will be 100% hand-crafted and bespoke to you! We don’t use tools or templates – and this means you will get something that’s unique and different to all of the other infographics out there.

4. We’ll promote your infographic

We don’t just offer infographic research, copywriting and design but also marketing and SEO too, ensuring that your infographic gets published on the high quality websites, many of which will links back to yours and encourage visitors to share. Opace will even turn your infographics into streaming videos which can be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo for easy sharing on social media and blogs.

5. We’re a great team to work with

We don’t like to toot our own horn but we’re a pretty lovely team. We aim to make working with us an enjoyable experience. Just ask our existing customers for proof!

We’ve done so many that we’ve lost count

We'll even turn your infographics into animated videos



Opace can make data fun! We bet you’ve never heard that before


Look no further

Get in touch with our wonderful team of designers and marketers to find out more about our services

Get started today

Here’s a quick run-down of our infographic design process:

Collect your data

We’ll discuss your requirements before researching and collecting your data. We’ll then do all of the copywriting and put together a well-written brief for your approval before it goes off to our designer.

Create your infographic

One of our expert infographic designers will begin working on creating a 100% bespoke infographic design, ensuring it is consistent with your company branding. This is the part where all of those funky graphics are made!

Promote to the world

We’ll add unique and relevant content to your infographic to make it even more attractive to both users and search engines, then we’ll promote your stunning infographic on some of the highest quality websites, news publications and blogs.


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