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Looking to sell your products online or upgrade your existing eCommerce website to a widely supported platform like Magento or WooCommerce? You’ve certainly come to the right place as our eCommerce designers are ready to help!

Opace is a leading eCommerce web design agency specialising in affordable, bespoke designs for open source platforms like Magento, WordPress / WooCommerce and Joomla / VirtueMart. We even support Magento 2, the latest incarnation of the eCommerce platform.

We’ll go beyond your expectations to create a truly unique design that fits seamlessly with your company branding and digital marketing strategy.

Why is Your eCommerce Web Design so Important?

You want your eCommerce web design to be as unique as the products you sell right? With thousands of free and low cost templates available you’ll be sure to find something – but it won’t be unique and you’ll be one of a large number of other eCommerce stores using the same design. If you want to stand out, an off-the-rack design simply won’t do!


Differentiate your brand

Our skilled eCommerce designers will create a bespoke theme for your store. It’ll make your business stand out amongst your competitors and ensure it sticks in customers’ minds.


Search engine optimisation

Having a great eCommerce design is one thing, but we also ensure your website is search engine friendly and developed to keep customers on-site for longer, lowering your bounce rate.


Be unique

A run-of-the-mill eCommerce design will make you look average and no one wants to be average. Go bespoke to make your business look well established and professional.


Go mobile responsive

With responsive eCommerce web design you have the option to go responsive and create a store that is compatible with all devices.


Make a good impression

Show customers that you take your business seriously with a professional design. They’re more likely to leave with a good impression and return to shop again in the future.


Great return on investment

The money you invest in a high-quality web design will soon be made back in all of the extra sales you’ll be getting!

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