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Crypto Referral Codes For Binance, Crypto.com, Revolut & Coinbase (updated)

[The referral codes below were published on (and are accurate as of) the 25th of May 2020]

We mine, we invest, but we also like sharing. Here are our top crypto referral codes from exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com, Revolut and Coinbase.

Why use crypto referral codes?

This guide is part of our wider series of how to earn or get crypto for free. It’s definitely worth a read.

We’re active on many different crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com and even Revolut but we’ve never thought to share our crypto referral codes.

So here goes… It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement all around. These exchanges need more adoption and users, which is no mean feat given the popularity of household names like PayPal. As a reward, they give both customers who make referrals, along with those who join using the referral code, a bonus or payment of some kind. Currently, the most rewarding bonus is from Binance, which is our platform of choice.

Binance referral code to get 100 USDT

You can use my Binance referral code here to get 100 USDT. Simply click and sign up via the Binance link below:


Or, you can sign up and use my Binance ID ID – CPA_00HFDB1ICV

Remember, once the USDT hits your Binance account, you can always convert this to your favourite cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana or any others listed on Binance.

100 USDT cashback binance referral id

Get 100 USDT cashback with Binance using my CPA_00HFDB1ICV referral ID

Coinbase referral link to get $10 in Bitcoin

Next comes Coinbase. Sadly, the reward isn’t as good as Binance, but still, a free $10 in BItcoin is nothing to be scoffed at, especially given the future potential of the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

To get the reward, please sign up using my Coinbase referral link here.

Coinbase crypto referral codes

Get $10 in Bitcoin with Coinbase using my referral link above.

Revolut referral link to earn £50

Join me and over 22 million users who love Revolut. Sign up with my link Revolut referral link here.

Revolut referral code - earn £50

Revolut referral code to earn £50

Crypto.com referral code to get $25 in USD

Finally, you can also use my referral link here or my crypto.com referral code nfkxj7v7rp and we both get $25 USD.

Crypto.com referral code to get $50

Crypto.com referral code to get $50 – https://crypto.com/app/nfkxj7v7rp

Our own experience with crypto exchanges

Long before we were in the business of building and selling crypto mining rigs, we were investing in crypto. As a result, we have experimented with many platforms and each one above is loved by many and amazing in its own ways.


The platform we use for our own crypto mining and investing is Binance. It’s one of the oldest and most established crypto exchanges around. The ‘look and feel’ is somewhat dated and there is a lot to take in when you first access the platform, but the fees are some of the lowest around and its selection of cryptocurrencies is excellent.

There is a lot to explore on Binance whether you are a crypto miner, investor or trader. Don’t forget to check out the Earn section, in particular Staking and Savings. For those who are new to crypto, there is an option to use the simplified Lite version of the platform.

The other thing to mention is that Binance is a privately owned company with its headquarters in the Cayman Islands; Mahé, Seychelles. This may put some users off who feel more confident using a publically traded company like PayPal or Coinbase.


Honestly, the main reason we tested Coinbase was for the free crypto. The Learn and Earn feature is a clever little marketing ploy, as it helps to attract new users to the platform much like its referral links. That said, the learning challenges are very interesting and although each one only returns between $1 to $6, who knows what this could be worth one day.

Aside from that, we’ve used Coinbase, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Wallet. Overall, Coinbase provides a very nice selection of tools and competes closely with Binance. The Coinbse and Coinbase Wallet apps have clean, modern and easy-to-use interfaces, making them accessible to most users.

As well as using Coinbase, I personally hold shares in the company. They are a publically traded US company and float on the stock exchange, which should provide new users with a little extra confidence in the platform.


This one may seem unusual, as it’s not the cheapest or most useful as a crypto exchange. There is a limited selection of cryptocurrencies available, and at the time of writing, only Bitcoin can be transferred to an external crypto wallet.

So you might ask why I mention Revolut at all. Firstly the platform is beautifully designed and very intuitive. The Basic version provides a great deal of options and features, with even more benefits for paid plans.

The main reason why we love to use Revolut is that it’s not just a crypto platform, it provides many other features, including:

  • Online banking, accounts and cards with cashback rewards
  • Integration of your non-Revolut bank accounts
  • Shared savings accounts/vaults 
  • Purchase stocks, crypto and commodities (currently gold and silver)
  • Performance trackers, analytics and weekly insights – a feature lost to most other crypto exchanges including Binance 
  • Earn free crypto via learning about them and refreshing your knowledge – this one is hidden away but can be found if you look

The list is huge!


The first thing to say about Crypto.com is that the app and user experience are great. Much like Coinbase and Revolut, it provides a clean, modern ‘look and feel’ and it’s intuitive to use.

The company is another privately held one, based in Singapore and operated by Foris DAX Asia. That said, a lot of investment has gone into promoting Crypto.com, especially in the US, meaning it has become one of the best-known names around. Having the domain crypto.com was always going to be an advantage for them.

Another great selling point, and what initially attracted me to Crypto.com, is the stylish cards available. These come with a huge range of benefits including Spotify, Netflix and Prime reimbursement, 1 to 8% cashback on purchases, CRO (Crypto.com’s own native token) staking rewards, extra earnings on crypto, and much more. The catch is that most of these cards are only available if you purchase and stake/hold CRO worth between £300 and £300,000.

Any other mentions?

We have just published an article asking the question, can you mine crypto from your phone? To answer this, we have investigated another crypto platform, which is more like a marketplace than an exchange, called Remitano.

Remitano currently allows users to mine its native token called REMEC from their phones. Although we have no real experience using this platform, you are more than welcome to sign up using the referral code 4740113 or link below and experiment:


Unlike other platforms, you will find interesting options like “create your selling ad” and “create your buying ad”. 

In summary…

Every single exchange mentioned above is great and has its own advantages. Using the crypto referral codes above, why not join up and experiment with them.

The only way to know which one is (or ones are) best for you, is to use them and explore what they have to offer. We believe crypto is the future and it’s very likely that each of these platforms will be around for a long time to come.

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