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The Crypto Mining Opportunity, Services and Computers from Opace
In response to the spectacular growth in the crypto market over the past ten years, Opace have developed a range of crypto mining services and computers, but you may be asking why?

The spectacular price growth of crypto

The price growth of cryptocurrencies has been utterly spectacular. As an illustration, here are the prices of three popular cryptocurrencies as of the close of October for each year, prices are in US$:

Cryptocurrency 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Bitcoin (BTC) 328 694 6,131 6,276 9,226 13,574 61,374
Ethereum (ETH) 0.95 11.44 309 196 183 384 4,298
Litecoin (LTC) 3.63 3.98 55 49 58 46 192

As you can see from the data, the returns are quite spectacular. Whilst, of course, past performance is no guarantee of future success with returns like these we are sure you will agree that cryptocurrencies are worthy of some consideration in any investment portfolio!


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Cryptocurrency market capitalisation by year

The cryptocurrency market now has over 5,000 currencies. The growth of the overall cryptocurrency market capitalisation at the end of each year (for all cryptocurrencies) has been (in US$ billions):

  • 2012 – 0.1
  • 2013 – 2
  • 2014 – 5
  • 2015 – 5
  • 2016 – 14
  • 2017 – 185
  • 2018 – 209
  • 2019 – 253
  • 2020 – 410
  • 2021 – 3,049

(Source: Statista)


As you can see the growth in the cryptocurrency market capitalisation has been progressive and consistent. Explosive growth was seen in 2021 in particular.

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Check out the spectacular growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Cryptocurrencies – a great business investment opportunity

Most business owners with cash in the bank and asset reserves are savvy enough to know not to keep all of their funds in cash. Liquidity is indeed important for any business, so liquid assets such as cash are vital but for many business owners with investment funds, seeking alternative investments can be challenging.

Business life is hard enough without having to think through often complex investment strategies. Understandably, you want your investments to work hard and deliver maximum ROI, whilst also being as risk-free as possible!

ROI from traditional investments

Most traditional business investments centre on typical investments such as government bonds, equities market, property, high interest savings, etc. The ROI of investments is significantly different, average ROI’s for various asset classes are summarised below:

  • Equities market – c11% [Source: Fool]
  • Government bonds – 5.5% [Source: Fool]
  • Treasury bills – 3.3% [Source: Fool]
  • High interest savings – 0.5% [Source: CNBC] Interest rates are currently at all-time lows and historically 2%+ has been achievable

*[Fool] above refers to analysis of ROI from 1926 to 2019.

Potential ROI from cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies represent a relatively new and potentially lucrative investment opportunity to business owners everywhere. Analysis from for the period June 2015 to June 2020, showed that the ROI of Bitcoin was 28.71%. Since June 2020, the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply from $9,144 to today’s price (in November 2021) of $60,500.

To business owners, cryptocurrencies represent an opportunity to create a passive income from technology which may already be in use in a business. It may sound scary but there is no need to worry as you can develop a passive income whilst being supported by our team of UK cryptocurrency and technology experts.

Return on Investment

Our crypto mining services

Our crypto mining services are provided “step by step” at a rate you can digest, as we know you have a business to run! We understand that crypto is a new concept to most customers, but our solutions ensure you do not need to be an expert. The process includes:

  • Education and consultancy – Our crypto and technology experts will discuss the available opportunities to you and ensure a tailor-made solution for your business.
  • Hardware implementation – We build GPU mining servers (rather than ASIC miners) here at Opace. These are very profitable, whether you invest in one crypto mining computer or many.

GPU mining computers

GPU mining computers are powerful servers, which are specifically optimised for crypto mining, including:

  • high energy efficiency
  • low noise and suitable for office environments
  • built to minimise obsolescence, therefore holding its value
  • multi-purpose (so can be used for other business purposes).

For detailed information, please read more here. Our machines are hand-built by Opace (and not third-parties) in the UK and are fully tested before being dispatched.

Initial setup and support

We won’t just abandon you. With every crypto mining computer purchased, Opace will the all important initial support to get up and running and mining crypto.

What you will need

The only requirements for running one of our crypto mining computers are:

  • Internet connectivity – this will naturally be required, but often there is no need to upgrade your internet, only a basic connection is needed
  • Electricity supply – a standard 240volts plug socket for each crypto mining computer
  • Cooling and ventilation – mining servers produce a lot of power, which turns to heat. This requires adequate cooling. At the very minimum, you will need an inflow of cool air and a way for heat to escape (window). Optimal setups take advantage of additional fans and air conditioning
  • Storage area – a clean, dust and moisture-free environment is a must

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