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Our Story: From Digital Agency to Crypto Techies: 10+ Years Trading

Who we are

Crypto Mining Solutions are a trading arm of Opace Ltd, a forward-thinking technology company in the UK. As a VAT registered limited company, Opace have been trading for more than a decade specialising in open source and emerging technologies.

Here are some of the factors that set us apart from other companies:

  • Family business – we are a family who loves delivering ROI for businesses through technology
  • Trading 10+ years – we are well-established and have a variety of customers across many industrial sectors
  • Forward-thinking – we keep abreast of technology, so are forward-thinking and are always looking for the next opportunity for businesses from technology
  • Technology expertise – we are a family of techies and have a vast experience across the technology industry. From Software Engineering to IT Infrastructure, from IT Consulting to Crypto, we’ve pretty much worked in all things digital over the years.
  • UK-based – we are UK-based, trading from Birmingham at the very centre of the UK


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The future is crypto

Crypto is here and here to stay! We are technology enthusiasts and passionately believe that the future is crypto.

Benefits of crypto over conventional financial systems

Over the past couple of years, we have come to realise the value of cryptocurrency in a world where inflation is rising, FIAT currencies are losing their value and there are no real opportunities to make interest on savings.

It’s not too late!

You may have been told that opportunities to benefit from cryptocurrency are in the past, that you have missed the boat, or it’s too late to make profits from crypto. This is far from the truth. Crypto is incredibly profitable right now and this will continue well into the future. This is why many Financial Advisers would recommend at least some cryptocurrency as a part of a balanced investment portfolio.

Given the significant opportunity presented by the cryptocurrency market, we have been experimenting with different technologies and developing new crypto mining computers that can generate significant returns for businesses and sizable passive incomes for business owners.

Cryptocurrency opportunities

Crypto mining computers from Opace

In parallel to our day-to-day agency operations, we have launched our range of crypto mining computers and B2B consultancy services for our customers and other businesses who are keen to participate.

We sell a range of powerful crypto mining servers, which can mine a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. We build crypto mining computers (essential servers) that feature the following benefits:

  • Convenient storage – these look smart and can easily be stacked or stored like any other server
  • Low noise – these are designed to be low noise with fan speed and temperature controls
  • Power and heat efficiency – these are as power and heat efficient as possible
  • Latest technology – we use the latest and most efficient GPUs and equipment to build our crypto mining computers
  • Resale value – using the very latest AMD and Nvidia GPUs, in combination with the general shortage/demand for these cards, helps to hold and potentially increase the resale value of your investment

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There’s no better opportunity than crypto mining

If you would like to get involved with crypto and take advantage of this growing market, there is no better way than crypto mining. To find out more about how our products work, contact us today.


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