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Top-notch blog & content marketing Quality content marketing which will get your site noticed. Whether words, image or video, we will use them to help market and promote your business effectively.

Opace are rated 5 out of 5 for SEO based on 15 customer reviews.

Today it’s not enough to have an SEO strategy, if you want to see long-lasting, profitable results; you need to invest in content marketing too.

Content marketing goes beyond optimising a website for search engines by considering the needs of web users. It’s all about providing unique, interesting and compelling content that attracts users to your website and offers them some form of value. Impress users and you’ll impress search engines – that’s just how it works!


Baker Goodchild SEO Infographic and Content Marketing

Infographic design and marketing for Baker Goodchild’s “Technology Integrated with Direct Mail” campaign.

Our content marketing services

Opace is a leading content marketing agency based in Birmingham. Our team is made up of experienced copywriters, designers, marketers and SEO specialists, each of who are experts in their field. Together, we provide a range of content marketing services to support SEO and digital marketing campaigns. These include:

Online PR

Our PR experts will ensure that everyone is talking about your business for the right reasons. Through the creation of press releases, we will help to spread the word about your business.

Infographic marketing

Creating visual content like infographics is a great way to captivate an audience. Infographics are highly sharable and therefore great for increasing your online visibility and improving your SEO.

Blog writing

Our copywriters will create unique, interesting and well-written articles to populate your blog or externally. This will help to engage with your target audience and improve your search rankings.

Web video marketing

Today video content should play an important role in your content marketing strategy. Video is a highly engaging media format and should be integrated into your blog, website and social media.

Blog outreach

We will find relevant, high authority blogs for you to guest post on. Posts can be created by our copywriters and placed on your behalf to generate a natural, high quality backlink to your site.

Social media marketing

Social media plays a crucial role in effective content marketing. It will help to increase engagement, drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO, seamlessly integrating with your other digital marketing.

Why content marketing matters

Today content marketing is one of the best activities you can do to gain exposure for your business and tie together your digital marketing activities. Here are just a few of the reasons why content marketing really works:

1. Build a brand reputation

Providing your content is interesting, relevant and authoritative, it will help you establish a reputation as an expert or thought-leader in your sector, which can greatly improve SEO and customer loyalty as well as providing excellent material for social media.

2. Increase your reach

In addition to this, content marketing can help you increase your reach, using a number of different outlets including blogs, social media, video and PR channels.

3. Part of an integrated digital marketing approach

It will assist all other components that make up your digital marketing strategy and allow you to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Let’s get creative!

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Integrated content marketing

Whether you need content marketing support as part of an SEO project, social media or an ad-hoc infographic campaign, we believe the key to success is ensuring an integrated approach to digital marketing. This means that your content is used effectively to underpin your SEO efforts while giving you truly engaging content to share socially and announce to the world via PR. All of which works together as a whole rather than separate ad-hoc campaigns.
Integrated Digital Marketing

It takes far more than a great SEO strategy to be successful online. We believe in integrated digital marketing.

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Our approach to content marketing 

We are a content marketing agency that believes a bespoke approach is the best approach. This is why we take the time to get to know our clients and find out what they really need from us. We then tailor them a bespoke package, made up of the services and support they require to achieve their digital marketing goals. 

Content analysis and ideas generation

The first step is to understand your business objectives, together with the current content, marketing material and resources available. We’ll sit down with you team and generate content marketing ideas and plan out how to use these as part of a successful content marketing campaign. 

Establish the creative team and media formats

Whether you require help with blog writing, PR, social media, creation of visual media such as infographics and video, or a combination of services, Opace is more than up for the challenge. We will help you to formulate the perfect team, content and strategy for the job.

Promotion to get your content found

We will use our expertise and industry contacts of editors and journalists to create great opportunities for your business that get the right content to the right audience. We’ll even publish your content, optimise it for SEO and manage your social media to ensure it gets found. 

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