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Why choose WordPress for your web design

Written by Adam Bullas, February 19, 2014
Wordpress infographic
19 Feb 2014

Why choose WordPress for your web design

As you are likely aware, there are many content management systems (CMS) available for download which have huge communities backing them in terms of support for new users, as well as supplying the ever expanding plugins library with more and more extended functionality.

Benefits of choosing WordPress infographic

With so many being available it’s hard to know what to choose and where to look, but for beginners and advanced users alike, WordPress will always come up as my first suggestion and our infographic will explain why.

WordPress Web Design Infographic

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As mentioned in this infographic, there are literally thosands of free plugins to extend the functionality in any direction you wish, making WordPress a cost effective and versatile content management system for a wide variety of projects.

If you’re still not sure why to choose WordPress here are a few more reasons…

#1 – Quality and polish

When using other systems in the past, as much as I liked the functionality and simplicity, I personally felt that some of the navigation, installation and implemented features felt clunky. Nowadays most content management systems have improved, but for me WordPress seems to have a premium high quality feel to it. You rarely see bugs or navigation problems, even when you are installing third party plugins.

#2 – More than just a blogging platform

When WordPress first appeared, it was primarily a blogging platform and while it still very much is, it also offers so much more than that with many businesses using WordPress for their corporate websites.  As you can imagine, with such a vast selection of plugins available, the versatility of WordPress continues to increase allowing useful features such as contact forms, interactive maps and animated image galleries and slideshows.

#3 – Great theme support, many mobile-friendly and responsive

Although not exclusive to WordPress, mobile-friendly responsive themes are available online from a wide variety of websites that give your website a consistent theme across devices that fits well to whichever resolution your device has at the time of viewing. What’s astonishing is that many of these are freely available and you are able to customise them to your own preferences and branding.

#4 – Ease of use for beginners

One main factor that deters businesses that class themselves as ‘none technical’ is that their websites are typically difficult to update. With WordPress, you can easily log in, add menu items and add new content regularly without the need for a web designer. Widgets containing extra functionality (for example twitter feeds and streams) can be added simply too with little to no coding knowledge needed. Once the website has been hosted and initially set up, WordPress is very user friendly and easy to maintain and update.

#5 – Community and extended functionality

WordPress has a huge community of developers and loyal followers that are always pleased to provide support for their plugins, or just help with any issues that you might be having with your WordPress website. As mentioned previously, the plugins available provide additional functionality to your website and are thousands upon thousands to choose from. This makes WordPress very versatile and allows you to craft the website into anything you or your business wants. Plugins are updated regularly for the most part and are always improving based on community feedback.

Alternative content management systems

Of course WordPress is only one of many amazing freely available open source CMS systems out there and if you would like to research into alternatives, the following link is a great place to start: http://spyrestudios.com/free-content-management-systems.

Final thoughts…

If you are considering making the jump to a CMS system, WordPress is definitely a good place to start for beginners and businesses. It allows you to easily maintain your website and extend its functionality, therefore future proofing your website without the need to continually pay for expensive enhancements. You can easily change or modify the aesthetic of your website without having to switch to another system. Best of all you are not locked into any specific supplier and there will always be a wealth of support available (both free and paid).

At Opace we specialise in WordPress as well as Joomla and also Magento for e-commerce sites, all of which are freely available and open source. So if you have any questions, please leave us a comment or feel free to get in contact.

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