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Did you know that over 100,000 WordPress sites are created everyday?

Since starting out as a blogging platform in 2003, WordPress has grown to become one of the biggest and best CMS giants on the planet. Today it is the software of choice for non-blogging websites, with 54.5% of all the websites who’s CMS we know, using it as their platform. That’s 17.4% of all websites!

WordPress infographic: benefits of the open source CMS giant

WordPress infographic: benefits of the open source CMS giant

If you are thinking of choosing WordPress as your content management system, then you are certainly making a fantastic choice. The platform offers a wide range of features and below we will go into the benefits of using WordPress for business:

WordPress Number One CMS

WordPress is the number one CMS.


One factor that makes WordPress stand out is its simple, user-friendly interface. Even those who don’t feel fully confident publishing content online will find it very straightforward. By making it quick and easy for users to add new pages, upload images and create blog posts on a regular basis, WordPress lessens their reliance on their web developers and helps to save them money.

Thanks to WordPress’ simple dashboard, you won’t have to call your web developer every time you need to change a piece of content or sit around waiting for them to update your site. You can do it all yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse!

WordPress Simple User Interface

WordPress has a very simple interface making it easy for users to create, edit and delete content.

Free to use

If you’re just setting up your business, it’s likely that you want to keep your costs to an absolute minimum. The good news is that WordPress is completely free to use. Unlike some premium website builders and software, WordPress is open source, which means it is free to download, use and extend.

As a WordPress user, you will have complete freedom when it comes to using and customising WordPress. You will also have the full support of a global team of web developers who make up the WordPress community. As well as answering your questions and providing assistance, they work on updating the platform to make it as secure and efficient as possible for users like you.

Simple to customise

Understandably, you’ll want to customise your website to reflect your business branding and WordPress makes this possible. Thanks to the many WordPress themes available and the fact it is a self-contained system (no HTML editing software necessary); you shouldn’t find it too hard to customise your website to meet the needs of both you and your customers.

As well as a whole host of themes available, you can also download and use a wide range of WordPress plugins. These plugins, which are sometimes referred to as extensions, are designed to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. They each have a different purpose; from improving your website’s SEO to transforming your site into an ecommerce store – the possibilities are endless!

SEO benefits

Where your site ranks on search engine results pages will play a crucial role in your business’s success online. The great news is that WordPress has great out of the box SEO features. With its clean and simple code, the platform makes it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content. Not only that but each page, image and blog post can be optimised with its own meta tags, descriptions and titles, allowing you to further enhance your WordPress website’s SEO.

If you’ve done your research on search engine optimisation, you’ll know just how important it is to create fresh, unique and captivating content on a regular basis. WordPress makes this possible by providing you with your very own in-built blog. It’s very easy to integrate with your site and providing you fill it with great content, it is sure to satisfy both readers and search engines.

WordPress SEO Functionality

WordPress boasts excellent out of the box SEO features.

Multiple users

As a WordPress administrator, you will be given the opportunity to set up multiple accounts for other users. This means that if you want someone to blog on behalf of your company or be in charge of updating your site content, you can give them access to do so. You will also be able to assign access levels and capabilities so you remain in full control of your company’s WordPress site.

The fact WordPress is browser-based means that you and other account holders will be able to login to your site from any PC. This means you can access and manage your website in the office, at home or even on-the-go using a smartphone.

WordPress Developer

A WordPress web developer will help you get the most out of the platform.

Hiring a WordPress developer

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that so many companies choose WordPress as their content management system. However, if you are looking to get even more out of the platform, you may find it beneficial to hire a WordPress developer.

WordPress developers offer a wide range of services to individuals and businesses including bespoke web design, plugin design and theme design. They can also carry out integrations and extend the functionality of your WordPress website to benefit both your business and its customers.

With over 20,000 people making a living as WordPress developers, knowing who to choose to assist you with your website can be a difficult decision. Below we’ve shared some of the key factors you may want to consider.

  • Experience – Whether you have a complex request or simply want the peace of mind that you’re working with the best of the best, it’s a good idea to find out how experienced a WordPress web developer is. You can do this by talking to them and asking to see samples of their work. Viewing their portfolio will give you the opportunity to see if you like their style and speaking to previous clients will help you decide whether you can rely on the developer to do a good job.
  • Professionalism – You can learn a lot about a web developer (or any professional for that matter) by viewing their website. This is particularly important when choosing a web developer, as if they haven’t bothered to create a good looking and well functioning site for themselves then how can you rely on them to do a good job for your business? Check their site has been designed to a high standard before giving them your business.
  • Budget – Of course, your budget is bound to play a key role in your decision to hire a WordPress web developer. A good developer should be able to work with your budget and tailor their services to the amount of money you are willing to spend.
  • Can they meet your needs? – This is the million pound question. If a web developer is willing to get to know you and understand what your business is about then it’s safe to say you’ll be in good hands. Choose an individual or web development Company that offers bespoke services and will go the extra mile to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a WordPress web development company that ticks all the boxes, look no further than Opace. We have years of experience providing quality web development services to companies both big and small. To find out more information about Opace’s WordPress services or get a no obligation quote, please give us a call on 0845 017 7661. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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