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    Cosmetics Fairy

    Behind all the glitz and the glamour, the cosmetics sector is hard as (painted) nails. From 2009-2013, we helped Cosmetics Fairy (previously Cosmetic Kingdom) to #1 in Google for a handbag full of competitive keywords and saw them go from no-girl to the go-girl in the UK cosmetics market.

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    53 #1 rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing
    113 rankings in Top 3 inc ‘Cosmetics’
    More than 250 rankings in
    Top 10
    40 x ROI reported in first 12 months
    SEO Service
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Birmingham based SEO agency

We like to believe we're a bit more than your typical SEO agency!

Our team consists of talented Birmingham based website copywriters, content marketers and SEO professionals who will work with you from the outset to develop an internet marketing and SEO strategy based on your business objectives, strategy and target market - all factors which are often overlooked and essential for delivering the right results. 

Birmingham based SEO agency talking about the latest Google updates Our approach to SEO combines social media, PR and blogging with traditional on-page SEO techniques. We’ll help to generate engagement and buzz for your brand and deliver authority links and 'social signals' which will boost your organic rankings. Our SEO transparent monthly reports offer targeted results, so it’s easy for you to see that we are achieving what we've promised. 

There’s no jargon, just expertise based on our years of experience working with clients of all different sizes and budgets.

What's more is that we encourage a mixed team approach and regular face-to-face meetings to discuss progress, develop new ideas and review the strategy. We'll even train your team to become self sufficient through our SEO training courses and if you don't have time we can of course offer a fully managed SEO service. 


Results that speak for themselves

Over the years we have achieved some amazing improvements for our clients, helping them to acheieve high page 1 rankings for some of the most competitive keywords including:

  • "childrens hospice", "charity west midlands", "sky dive";
  • “cosmetics”, "cheap makeup", "wholesale cosmetics";
  • “takeaways”, "takeaway delivery", "chinese delivery"; and
  • many more...

We've seen amazing results in as little as 2 weeks on established domains where we have been able to make key improvements to the on-page SEO. For one Birmingham based client we recently saw a 15% uplift in Google rankings across more than 100 keywords within less than 10 days due to good keyword optimisation.


Key benefits of our service

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients like working with us:

  1. Results-driven approach and up-to-date strategies
  2. We don't take a back seat, we like to challenge our clients to achieve the extra mile
  3. 15 years of combined SEO experience and knowledge
  4. We're local and encourage regular face-to-face meetings
  5. Transparent monthly reporting 

SEO is no longer about keywords and links, it’s much more than that. In truth it's much more than just SEO, it encompasses a whole range of factors and needs to be fully integrated with all of your other business and marketing activities. This is where we come in as being successful on Google is an ongoing process and the ‘rules’ change all the time. Our goal is to put the pieces together and deliver an integrated strategy, so you don't have to worry.

Integrated SEO and internet marketing approach


Google rankings dropped?

Historically if you wanted your website to rank well in Google there were certain factors that were guaranteed to work:

  1. Having an established and trusted domain name
  2. Good keyword optimisation
  3. Meaningful content (which you kept up-to-date)
  4. High quality links pointing to your site (and going back in time, the more the merrier!)

All of these factors are still true to some extent, but the game has changed.

The process of getting your website found and seen by potential customers in Google has become more involved as Google continue to roll out updates such as Panda, Penguin and more recently Hummingbird that fundamentally change how their search engine works. Google continue to shift the goalposts and for some time now we’ve seen strong signals that Google have been favouring certain links and tactics more than others, activities that generate real human engagement and buzz about the brand. But the reverse of this is that Google has started penalising other tactics.

The changes made by Google have meant that tactics which were acceptable a mere 18-24 months ago are now cause for concern as they can now lead to penalties, lost rankings and traffic, and worst of all, decreased sales and conversions.

That’s why it’s important to choose an SEO partner who not only keeps their finger on the pulse, but also understands that any SEO activity needs to be tailored to the business. It's also why we've launched a new SEO audit and link removal service, to help clients who have approached us because they are not sure exactly what has happened and how to fix it. The service comes in two basic flavours:

  • SEO / Link Audit service where we will review and provide recommendations for each and every link we can find pointing to your site; and
  • Link Removal service where we will work on your behalf reaching out to webmasters for manual link removal of poor quality links, including follow-ups, creation of a disavow file if unsuccessful and we’ll even draft the reconsideration request for you to consider.

For more information about this new service please read on or feel free to contact us about any of our other services on 0845 017 7661.


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