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Magento design It may sound like a paint colour but Magento can power a truly effective ecommerce website. We’ll bring the brushes, you make the tea.

Opace are rated 5 out of 5, for Magento based on 11 customer reviews.

Magento provides the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. It’s a feature-rich ecommerce platform that offers complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of your online shop.

Magento is ‘open source’ and that offers great benefits for users including:

  • The software and a large number of the modules are free – all you pay for is the Magento design and development needed to set up and configure your site.
  • There are thousands of developer’s world-wide offering new functions at no cost – ensuring your investment in the website is secure for the future.
  • There is thriving online community offering support and help whenever you need it.
  • The CMS capability allows users to manage their online shop without having to rely on a web design company – and that means lower ‘running’ costs.

Our Magento design and development expertise allow us to offer solutions to any area of your business, from online sales to ecommerce marketing strategy.

Magento design and Opace

Our experts in Magento design will work with you to create a website that meets you needs today – and with future development in mind.

Here are some of our Magento services we offer.

  • Design – customising free or existing templates to reflect your own branding and configuring the website to maximise its impact.
  • Development – creating bespoke templates to customising multiple online stores, our Magento development expertise will make this process easy – and rewarding!
  • Integration – harnessing the power of sales platforms like eBay, Amazon and even Facebook through Magento will eliminate the need to re-key data into multiple systems.
  • Extensions – configuring Magento’s available extensions or developing bespoke solutions to meet your exact requirements.
  • Support – understanding how important it is to have your ecommerce systems running at all times.
  • Upgrades – keeping your website up-to-date as new versions of Magento are released is vital so that we can help take advantage of the latest functionalities.
  • Marketing – ensuring your website can be found using search engines, social media and newsletters will make sure you get those all important sales.

One of the great advantages of Magento is that it requires very little expertise to make the most of its benefits – anybody who is familiar with using a PC can maintain a Magento shop. Magento’s growing popularity means it is offering more and more functions and increasingly sophisticated extensions to provide a complete service for web entrepreneurs, and Opace’s Magento development experience will help your organisation get the most from Magento.

If you would like to know more about how our Magento design team can help your business realise its full potential, call us today on 0845 017 7661.

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